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Todmorden, Futuro arriving at the Abraham Ormerod Centre in 1971.
Todmorden, Futuro arriving at the Abraham Ormerod Centre in 1971.
Thank you to Dan at www.todmordenalbum.co.uk

There is a new and cool Futuro website at futurohouse.co.uk. It is run by Craig Barnes who has beautifully restored the Futuro that was once in South Africa.

This site is dedicated to the Futuro [aka Flying Saucer or UFO] House.


If anyone has any information on the Futuro please contact me!!
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ALWAYS looking to purchase any material I do not yet have.
Architect: Matti Suuronen Origin: Finland Year: 1968 Dimensions: Approx. 11' high & 26' across (3.4 meters x 8 meters)

Notes: The standard configuration was a hatch door entrance, like that found on a small airplane, that led into a room outfitted with six plastic bed-chair combinations and a central fireplace slab, as well as a kitchenette, a bathroom and one small bedroom.

There are about 96 Futuros out there somewhere and hopefully they can all be accounted for one way or another. So far about 60% of the Futuros have been accounted for. Hopefully the others will be found soon as well. Thank you to everyone for their continued assistance in accounting for the various Futuros.

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