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There use to be at least one Futuro in Africa.. possibly more. If anyone has more information to contribute on the Futuros there would appreciate hearing from you.

South Africa

Looks like this Futuro is no longer in South Africa. According to Simon Robson, aka The Grumpy Old Limey,
(see his website here: http://www.thegrumpyoldlimey.com/pages/Futuro-United-Kingdom.html ) this Futuro has been bought by a Brit and is now nice and cozy in a UK warehouse somewhere.. hopefully getting restored to its former glory.

Does not seem there are any other Futuros in Africa as far as I know.

Found one in Port Alfred!! I would like to thank Brent Q. for the foto below of this Futuro.
Futuro in Port Alfred

Download KMZ file to see location in Google Earth.
Download KMZ file to see Futuro in Port Alfred, South Africa

From Dick..
In ".. the 60's or 70's there used to be a road house in the shape of a flying saucer, on the road from Pretoria to Kempton Park. It was close to the Waterkloof airbase and burned down somewhere in the early 70s." [2002-11-21]

From Richard..
"The road house was close to where the R21/N1 freeway interchange is now, in Elardus Park. Its business was cut off when the freeway to Kempton Park was built. There is a Piering Road in the area and the interchange is known as the Flying Saucer interchange or Flieende Piering.(sp?) in the traffic reports.
As for the burning down, according to the old-timers who knew the place before and after the freeways were built, well, it is easier than orgainising a flood......."

South Africa Futuro
South Africa Futuro
South Africa Futuro
Source: These pics were captured from the Futuro dvd.


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