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Date update: Tuesday, February 04, 2014
Futuros in France

So far I only know of two Futuros in France.
One is the more popular one that use to be located at the CNIT and served as a food place.
This Futuro was originally from Belgium, and then was bought and brought to Paris in the ealry 1970s. It suffered some damage while in Paris and then was moved to a new a location approx. 120km NE of Paris, in the 1980s. It was then bought by a new owner in 2007 who brought it back to Paris and restored it. So it went full circle.

Thank you to Ben, Paul and Jean-Hugues for sending me these fotos.
1980s to 2007
2007 - Present
Futuro at CNIT Futuro that was at CNIT CNIT Futuro back in Paris

See albums for more photos of the Paris Futuro, past and present.

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Play VIDEO of this Futuro when it was ourtide of Paris, prior to being sold

NOTE: Will try to post some material on the other French Futuro when I can.


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