Updated: Friday, May 12, 2017

Futuro House - Home of the Future

The Mont Blanc FUTURO in Quebec, CANADA

      There use be be a Futuro located at the Mont Blanc ski-resort in the 1970s to 1990s. It was initially set up by a ski-boot company as their boutique. Then I heard it was used as a honeymoon suite for Mont Blanc guests. Then according to Pierre it "was destroyed or moved less than 10 years ago (this would be approx 1992?) due to highway expansion." This all I know so far and would appreciate any additional information on this "lost" Futuro.. hopefully it is only moved and not destroyed.

Some new information came in today (14/04/28) about the Mont Blanc Futuro (thank you to David) who got it from the wife of the Mont Blanc ski resort owner ...

The Futuro was built in 1976 and installed in front of Mont Blanc - between Route 117 and Mont Blanc. At that time, this strip of land did not belong to Mont Blanc. It was owned by a ski boots company, Munari. The Futuro was installed on this strip of land and was used as a showroom. The company ceased business several years later and Mont Blanc acquired the Futuro. For a while, Mont Blanc had a pool and at that time the Futuro was used as a changing room. Once the pool was no longer around, the Futuro, which was equipped with a kitchen, served to accommodate an employee of Mont Blanc. The Futuro was moved to the North Slope in 2010. Unfortunately, the unattended Futuro was damaged and became a danger. In 2011, Mont Blanc offered to "give" tthe Futuro to anyone who would move it. Someone did accpet this offer... and where it is now is anyones guess.. so the search continues..

Video showing Mont Blanc Futuro


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