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Rainbow Valley, Photo Courtesy of Matthew Jelley
See: Rainbow Valley Documentary

In 2005 the federal government [of Canada] bought the land where Rainbow Valley Park was located so as to add it to the National Park system. The saucer was left on the property with the suggestion that it could become an interpretative center depicting the history of the land and the former Rainbow Valley Amusement Park. In actuality they turned around and sold it to a new park which opened up in the area in 2006, Shining Waters Family Fun Park . Shining Waters plans to "repaint the UFO this year [2007] and have already redone all the caulking in the seams of the fuselage. We have also converted it into a children's disco, complete with talking alien dj" [Source: Matthew Jelley, General Manager [Jan. 2007]]

Our saucer is not a futurohome unfortunately, but I will give you a little history on it as it may be of interest to know its story.

In 1966, Earl Davison owned a construction company with two partners. One had a dream of creating a leisure park and I guess it seemed like a good idea as they purchased the land that year that would become Rainbow Valley. When equipment was free from road construction and such jobs, work took place shaping the land with ponds and rolling hills, trees were planted in the thousands and a park like setting emerged.

In the next few years, the partners started a small wholesale company. They planned to supply a new business in Charlottetown, PE, with gifts, nick knacks and souvenirs. The night before the shop was to open, it burned to the ground.

In the spring of1969 they now had a large stock of items and nowhere to sell them. They had a park location but nothing there. It was suggested they put up a building on the site and try to get something started. Earl Davison was dabbling in fibreglass at the time as well, and figuring they needed something unique to create an attraction, built the flying saucer. He said with the talk about the USA hoping to put a man on the moon everyone was talking about little green men and UFOs. On August 2, 1969 Rainbow Valley opened to the public with little more than the flying saucer gift shop, some canoes and row boats, and a few picnic tables.

The park ran for 37 seasons and grew a little every year. In 1974 they began manufacturing 42í fibreglass fishing boats and sold them all over the world. The name was Provincial Construction until Earl sold it in 1998 and it became Provincial Boat & Marine.

Regarding the construction of the saucer: as I can see from the photos on your web page the Futuros were assembled with two molds, one top, and one bottom. In our case there was one mold for top and bottom with a second mold for the window sections in the middle row. The mold was also used for the roof of one of our canteen buildings in the park. There was a second saucer built which landed in Moncton, New Brunswick . Over the years it was a pizza parlor , a real estate office, and when last seen it had been converted to a curling stone in front of a rink. Iíve attached a few pictures of the RV saucer and the canteen, maybe theyíll be useful to you and youíre welcome to use them on your site if they are.

As I recall, Earl Davison did mention at one time about being sued by the company that had the Futuro franchise in Quebec, I thinkÖ He said the case never really took off, that the company fell on hard times before they could continue. [Quoted Source: John Davison, Rainbow Valley Ltd. [Jan. 2007]]

Update: I received an email from Matthew Jelley, President of Maritime Fun Group - PEI today (20 January 2014) and he let me know that this UFO is no longer around.
The Flying Saucer was moved its new home, Shining Waters Family Fun Park , in the winter of 2005/2006 following the closure of Rainbow Valley.
"Unfortunately, the increasingly brittle fibreglass walls succumbed to a very heavy, wet snow load and the structure collapsed following the 2007 operating season. We constructed a new conventional rocket attraction atop the base, but the distinctive oval structure was beyond repair." (Matthew Jelley) Another unique structure bites the dust.

Now just new to find out what happened to its brother in New Brunswick... anyone got any information on this?

I just found this video on Youtube. The little brother of the Rainbow Valley Amusement Park/ Shining Waters Family Fun Park flying saucer. Some new (22 January 2014) additional information from the owner of this flying saucer... "(t)he saucer in the YouTube video was also a Rainbow Valley creation. This landmark was also built in the early 70ís and had colored glass windows. It was mounted on a pole about 40 feet in the air. There was a drive motor inside and the saucer turned. At night with an internal light and the colored windows it looked pretty cool turning around up there. I know there is a photo or two of it somewhere, if I can locate them I will scan and send them to you. It was taken down in the mid 80ís as the old pole was needing replacement, and ended up in the back of the workshop in Kensington awaiting attention. There was discussion about revamping it and getting it back into service in the early 90ís, as it was something the guests to the park asked about frequently after it came down, but by that time the Resort Municipality of Cavendish had developed new signage bylaws that discouraged innovation and creativity in signage & structures considered to be signs. If it wasnít a 4íx8í wooden sign (that looked the same as all the rest) then you couldnít get a sign permit anymore (my note: you got to love beaurocrats, so boring!!).
It now sits in the land behind my fatherís home easily seen from the Confederation Trail which runs behind his property. Iíve considered doing some work to it myself and adding it to my business, the Haunted Mansion in a creative way, but havenít yetÖ Maybe the saucer will fly again!" (I for one would love to see this piece of history fly again.)

Rainbow Valley, Photos Courtesy of John Davison

Some photos of the PEI UFO in and being moved to its new location at the Shining Waters Family Fun Park . Thank you to Matthew Jelley, President of Maritime Fun Group for these photos

Some postcards from the old days

A old button pin and adveritsement card for the park... circa 1970s
UFO Button UFO Advert

I am also looking for any material related to the Rainbow Valley/Shining Waters flying saucer for my collection. If you have anyhing you would like to sell please email me. Here are a couple items I would like to find for sure..
Rainbow Vallety Brochure
Rainbow Valley Brochure
another Rainbow Vallety Brochure
another Rainbow Valley Brochure
         Rainbow Valley Pennant
Rainbow Valley Pennant

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