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Added: Friday, January 17, 2014
This section will list my collection of Futuro photos. Is not a large collection at present but hope I can expand it as time goes on.
Any additions to this list would be appreciated.

Photo Image Photo Notes Additional Info.
(TP7) ARCADIA, Fla., March 30 --- LOOK FOR THE LITTLE GREEN MEN-- You might find some and then maybe you won't but this "flying saucer" has promted all sorts of conjecture. It "landed" recently at the Nocatee-Owens Bridge site on the Peace River near Arcadia and is a pilot model of a fiberglass house built by a New Jersey construction company. It is 26-feetr in diameter. (AP Wirephoto)(rk21930str) 19670 I wonder if this Futuro is still in Florida? Maybe is one of the two known Futuros located in Florida??

Would like to get any information as to who might have taken these photos. This is a set of Futuro photographs I obtained from a German antique shop. I do not know who took them or much about their history but they look great. Show the Futuro at the Internationale Kunststoffhaus Ausstellung (1971) outside the German town of Lüdenscheid. Sorry for the bad quality photos best I can do right now.
N/A This photo was printed out at the local photo shop. Was from a scan a friend purchased online from a German news agecny. Not sure where the photo was taken but another great photo of one and was a very nice birthday present. Thank you Chris. (As you can see I am not a great photographer myself!)


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