Updated: Friday, February 21, 2014

Futuro House - Home of the Future

Southwest corner of Semmes and Juneau Streets, Tampa, Florida

There use to be another Futuro in Tampa from the late 60's until the late 90's when it was demolished by the city for various reasons that seem to have been related to illegal activities being carried out on the premises at the time.

This particular Futuro was originally purchased by an elderly lady named Gwendolin F. Zerby. She flew to Finland and bought one of the original Futuros made there. She had it shipped it back to Tampa and placed on the southwest corner of Semmes and Juneau Streets - see image above [dont have any photos of this Futuro, so if anyone can help out would really appreciate hearing from you!!]

Mrs. Zerby lived in this Futuro for about 10-12 years, until her death. Then in 1979 the property was purchased by a gay couple for $16,000.

No one lived in the house for most of the 90's and then the city issued a demolition order for the structure in 1998-1999. It now rests in peace [and pieces] in the city landfill !!

The above photo is courtesy of the City of Tampa, showing the Futuro, circa 1998.


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