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The Futuro on skirts!! Looks cool. wish they had some men's clothes with this sort of pic :)
WAS available from ViscoTec's Sq. in Japan.
[Japanese language website]
Price: 4,740 Yen.. **SOLD OUT!! **
NOTE: Only available in Japan.. No International Orders.
Anyone ever seen these or have them?



Photographs v. Friedrike von Rauch: 32xBerlin (putting play)
MEMORY play for 2-6 players

Author: Photographs by Friedrike von Rauch
Single volume kind: Play
ISBN/EAN: 3-00-011437-8.
Cost: 28 EUROS [approx.]
An educational memory game for young and old. To play.. the cards are shuffled face down and laid down in a symmetrical grid. Each player in turn picks two cards to uncover, if a player has uncovered a matching pair he can keep the cards and pick two more cards. If a player has uncovered non matching images they're put back in place face down. The winner is the one with the highest number of matching pairs.
The pictures are limited to 20th century architecture in Berlin.
There are 2x32 cards [64 cards in total] including two of the Futuro.
See the companies German link for bit more about this game.


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